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What is a computer virus?

It is a self-reproducing and generally destructive program that infects the hard disk and any other disk can be used and the computer to perform unwanted actions .
 A computer virus can thus spread even within the computer , infecting gradually all files. It is therefore intended to change without our knowledge the operation of the computer or on the boot sector or by infiltrating executable and macro viruses that spread via data files .. This change may be a change in the contents of files or the Removal of those above .
 Some viruses can simply " beeper " PC , others may destroy data
(format , erase the boot sector , see destroy the material ) . Viruses can be classified by categories of importance : annoying to destructive . Their main characteristic is their ability to " replication " , usually consisting focus on a certain category of files, sometimes 
executables. EXE or COM . ...

What is a antivirus ?
This is a software that can detect and destroy viruses contained in a disc . the software monitor the presence of virus and possibly cleaning is in charge , or to remove or quarantine infected files. They monitor all spaces in which a virus can stay , ie memory and storage units that can be local or network.
 The program consists of three parts each having a key role :
· A "engine" that role for the detection of virus.
· A database containing information on known viruses. This is the database the need to maintain updated as regularly as possible to allow the antivirus to know the most recent virus.
· A cleaning module that treat the infected file is intended for .
Each test file, if the program thinks see a virus, it looks in its database if the virus is known ( each virus and its variants has a particular signature , and this signature is which is compared with the base ) . If the virus is known , there is a good chance that antidote is known.
· If the virus is known , it is removed and the file is cleaned.